A lot of the time and effort has been spent carefully selecting, hiring the team. We have three divisions under United Nations Youth Nottingham, previously there was only NUMUNA. To start two new divisions and to make sure they survive and prosper was always going to be a daunting task. The people involved in UN youth Nottingham have made it all that easier. Im very proud of the team we have, I would take the fall for any of them, they are all committed and professional.

Since the last post we have finished our website, will soon be rolling out the invites for the Champions Cup. I have had meetings with several people regarding the Champions Cup and UN Youth Nottingham. The debate division has drawn up their own plans for the whole year, the welfare has done the same. We have identified all the competitions we will be sending our delegations to.

One of the biggest obstacles in regard to our operations that we had to face this academic year has to be the fact that we are not part of the student association at our university. We are under the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. We have our own identity and we are independent unlike other societies or organisations on campus. So recently we were challenged and asked to register ourselves under the Student Association. After a much heated debate I was able to convince the people in charge of the faculty that we are a special society and deserve privileges over all the other societies on campus, our track record served as evidence. UN Youth Nottingham is special in regard to what it has been set out to achieve. As long as I am the head of UN Youth Nottingham it will continue to remain independent. 

Apart from that we have a lot people interested in attending the Champions Cup. It is good to see that. We will be making the Champions Cup one to remember.

With the whole team appointed we will now focus on our events for this academic year. Looking forward to a good year ahead.     

Hassaan Amer

Secetary General

UN Youth Nottingham