5th May, Azfar and I were called to meet Arvind Jay, the Secretary General  of 2014-2015.

6th May, it was decided that for the first time there would be two Secretary Generals (SG's), to reduce the work load and bring more creative ideas to the fold. The Secretary Generals will have equal powers and are free to chose their own society president. The SG's, are able to over rule any decision, made by the president or any other member of NUMUNA, though all the event and society members decisions are to be respected by the SG's.

Official: Azfar Mustafa and Hassaan Amer appointed as Secretary Generals of NUMUNA 2015-2016. 

Soon after our appointed it was decided by Azfar and myself that we will once again be hosting NUMUN early 2016. (Dates are to be confirmed). 

On 19th May a few hours after my second exam of my second year, I started working on the NUMUN website. On 25th May 2015 the website was online a day before my final exam.

Azfar and I, both  can promise you Nottingham University Model United Nations will be amazing this year, It would be more than just about the debate, the people,the socials (**No spoilers**). We have all these ideas in our head to make it different, exciting and revolutionary. We look forward to working together and with the NUMUN team that will be appointed once the year 2015-2015 at University of Nottingham starts. 

Have a amazing summer guys. 

Secretary General

Hassaan Amer