31st May- Today I approached people experienced in getting sponsorships for University Events. The discussion seems fruitful at this point. I have offered a few people who I trust and know their work, a position on the organising committee for the upcoming Nottingham University Model United Nations. Oh, not to forget Azfar and I have pretty much made a detailed draft schedule for NUMUN. Its quite different, and exciting. We will be keeping all the details to ourselves at the moment. We will however update the website with a simple schedule plan, giving not too much away. 

1st June- Into the early morning, i have started compiling a list of MUN society's we would like to invite to our MUN. This was aided immensely by my friends taking part all across the globe, few are even founders of their own MUN society's. Next step, getting the event details done, this might take some time though.

Sunglasses are quite handy these days.

Secretary General

Hassaan Amer