The chair applications were opened on the 14th of August, this was not planned in truth. Our hand was forced due to some circumstances. The Chair applications were up and online with in 30 minutes of the decision to open the Chair/Director applications. It was more of a marketing move, rather than the need to open the applications.

On the 26th of August the orders for something really special were made, I think delegates from all around the world will welcome and look forward to it. I had to actually convince a friend and an associate of mine to let me go ahead with the move as he deemed it, "Too expensive". It took me 10 minutes to convince him otherwise, as I believed it is something MUNs need. 

Our invitation data base has increased by around 118 new institutions, a total of over 300 institutions, ranging all across the globe.

The only set back to report is that the rooms which were requested to be booked for the conference and training sessions have not been booked yet. As the study year has not started yet, sadly the rooms were not booked. By tradition, rooms are usually booked in December for the conference, but we plan on booking them on the first day of the study calendar year.

Secretary General

Hassaan Amer