Champions Cup

Designed unlike any other Model United Nations Conference in the world, the Champions Cup is truly a MUN World Cup. Delegations of 8 from all around the world will go head to head in various different challenges to see who emerges victorious in this winner takes all tournament.

Delegation Size

The maximum size of one delegation is 8 delegates per team, the minimum number for a delegation is 4 delegates per team. If an institution has more than 8 delegates wishing to attend this conference, they may form 2 different teams. If a delegation is to come short of the maximum number of 8 delegates, they may still sign up as a team, provided that they are above or equaling the minimum number of 4 delegates. These delegations will have two options from here on, they can either complete their team by allowing us to allocate individual delegates to their team, or they can leave their team as it is. Do note, delegations have a higher chance of winning the Champions Cup tournament if their delegation is complete with all 8 delegates.

Delegates can apply as an individual delegate and will be given two options, they can either decide to be allocated into another incomplete delegation by the Secretariats, or they can remain as an individual delegate throughout the conference. Do note that individual delegates who are not part of a team, cannot qualify to win the Champions Cup, they may only be eligible for the council awards.

To form a team the delegates do not need to be from a same institution, country or region. The delegates can form their own all-star team consisting of MUN-ers they have met from all around the world.

How to Win

The unique format of the Champions Cup tournament keeps in tradition the essence that your diplomatic skills in MUN is the key aspect in succeeding in the tournament. However, there are 3 other core competitions that delegations need to succeed in to ultimately be worthy of lifting the trophy. These include, the Global Village, Sports Tournament and the Youth Speak. Delegations will be awarded points based on their performances in each of these categories and those points will add on to their standings in the Champions Cup table.

The weightages are mentioned below:

MUN: 60%

Global Village: 15%

Sports Exhibition: 15%

Youth Speak: 10% 

At the end of the conference, the team with the most points shall be rewarded with the glory of lifting the prestigious Champions Cup.


Please Note:

  • The Champions Cup is won on the basis of points won by a delegation. Therefore it is crucial for delegates to perform their best in all categories of this conference if they are to aim in winning the cup.

  • A single delegation can have delegates from their own institution, any other institution, or from anywhere in the world student or not. If a delegation is unable to provide all 8 delegates to complete their team however, have more than 4 delegates, they are advised to register as a delegation and allow the Secretariats to allocate them with individual delegates to complete their team.

  • If a team has less than 4 delegates, they will all have to register as individual delegates. However, they may send in a request for us to add other individual delegates to their trio for them to still be eligible to compete for the Champions Cup. Do note, teams with the minimum number of 4, or more, delegates wishing to be completed by the Secretariats will be given first priority.

  • Teams that are incomplete and request for individual delegates to be added into their team should note that it is not a guarantee that they will receive any delegates. This will be determined by the Secretariats on a first come, first serve basis. Therefore, incomplete teams are encouraged to register as early as possible. Similarly, individual delegates who have requested the Secretariats to be put into teams are not guaranteed that they will be put in one either.

  • Internationals studying in Malaysia will pay the local delegate fee, given they are part of a local delegation.

  • The booths for the global village will be allotted on the basis of those registering first. Your booth is only confirmed once the payment has been made.

  • For any further queries please contact us at